Range Rentals

For more information, please contact bookings@ktsa.ca.

Outdoor Range Rental Fees & Guidelines

Member RentalPrice
Individual Member
    Bay$50 /day
    Long or Short Range$100 /day
Individual Member Offering Instruction for Non-Club Members
    Bay$100 /day
    Long or Short Range$200 /day
Non-Member Rental
    Bay$200 /day
    Long or Short Range$400 /day
900 Yard Range Rental$1500 /day
Taxes not included

Rental Insurance

Not For Profit and For Profit instructions are covered by KTSA insurance if:

  1. All participants are members of KTSA, and;
  2. the instructions are within KTSA rules.

All other insructions/rentals require proof of liability insurance.

Long Term Rentals

Long term rental contracts for exclusive use of a bay will be reviewed by the executive. KTSA reserves the right to the bay for special events. Renters will be given 30 days notice and refunded for the day. Requests must be presented to council minimum 60 days prior to the proposed usage date and include:

  1. Planned activities
  2. Business license, if required
  3. Proof of insurance
  4. References, if not a Government Agency


  1. Bookings must be in writing and made 30 days in advance
  2. KTSA Certified Range Officers are required for 900y Range Rental
  3. Rental Fees are due 14 days prior to usage
  4. Targets are available at a cost per
  5. Weekend rentals will be accepted on an individual basis
  6. Daylight hours only 8:00 to 16:00
  7. KTSA reserves the right to revoke rental if rules and guidelines are violated
  8. KTSA Range Rules and Range Usage apply
  9. Any and All damages must be reported to the executive
  10. Damages will be charged to renter
  11. Rental Fees shall not be subject to refund if Rental cancelled less than 14 days prior to event