Competitive Athlete Program

The KTSA Competitive Athlete Program (CAP) is open to anyone who is committed to higher levels of competition that could potentially lead to Olympic level. It is comprised of four disciplines: Three-Position Sporting Rifle (.22), Three-Position 50M Free Rifle, Air Rifle and Air Pistol.

The program is led by Pat Landals who is the coach for CAP as well as the Provincial Coach for the BC Target Sports Association. He provides coaching for athletes aged 12 years and up who are interested in developing their skills to a point where they can compete provincially, nationally and internationally. Pat supports the athletes in every facet of their competitive career.

CAP has been well supported by the KTSA for many years and supplies equipment for new athletes starting out. Athletes in this program are encouraged to take part in local, reginal and national events that occur annually. Our program follows the “Long Term Athlete Development” (LTAD) program.

Stay focused, shoot straight and HAVE FUN!


For further information please email Pat Landals.