IPSC is an extreme action-shooting discipline that incorporates accuracy, power, and speed into a winning combination. Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, no-shoot penalty targets, or even partially covered targets, obstacles, movement, competitive strategies, and other techniques are all a part of IPSC to keep shooters challenged and spectators engaged.

The Latin words Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC) meaning accuracy, power, and speed are IPSC’s motto and form the foundation for competition. IPSC also emphasizes procedures for safe gun handling and strict adherence to the rules governing the sport.

Our IPSC Group practices on Outdoor range in the summer and the Indoor range in the winter.

The IPSC BC Match Calendar can be accessed by active Members of IPSC BC.


Beginners are required to take a Black Badge course. The club is holding Black Badge courses throughout the year. Please check our events page for scheduled courses or contact our IPSC Director for further questions.

Check out the parent organization for IPSC in British Columbia.


For further information please call or email our IPSC Director.

Brent Andres
Phone: 250-318-7044
Email: ipsc@ktsa.ca