Kamloops Bowbenders Presents:

The BC 3D Provincial Championships
June 16 – 18, 2023


Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and a recreational activity.

KTSA Archery – The “Kamloops Bowbenders” (KBB)

Archery is a very popular and ever-growing shooting sport. Different equipment classes cater to recreational shooting, hunting and competitive archery. Although safety is always our first priority, introducing and teaching new archers is of equal importance to the Kamloops Bowbenders. 

It is the responsibility of all members to understand and comply with all KTSA Rules and Regulations, especially the archery rules and archery range etiquette. The archery rules can be quite different to the firearms range rules. 

Kamloops Bowbenders (KBB) enjoy their individual archery disciplines, but regularly come together as one to enjoy social events, shoot some targets and talk about archery.

Being a KTSA member and coming to the club shooting a bow is all you need to be considered a KBB – a separate membership purchase is not required!

An active core of volunteer’s plan club events and organize competitions. KBB members take part in social, community, club, regional, provincial, national & World archery events. Competition is not a requirement to be part of the Kamloops Bowbenders but an enjoyment of archery is!!

Archery Ranges


We currently have a large practice range of targets from 10 – 60 yards.

There are also two 3D courses (referred to as the upper and lower courses). Hard work from some of our amazing volunteers in 2023 and an investment from the KTSA, saw the previous “bag course” receiving some upgrades with the addition of some new and permanent 3D targets. Therefore, the walking 3D courses now have a great mixture of both permanent 3D targets & burlap bags depicting animal images. Plans for 2023-2024 include; increasing the number of 3D targets, structured numbering of target stations, shooting stakes & a scorecard station at the beginning of each course.

The two 3D courses are available for use by all KTSA members 7 days per week from dawn to dusk unless otherwise being used for competition or classes (check the KTSA events calendar).

REMINDER – Absolutely no broadheads or firearms projectiles to be shot at ANY target on the 3D courses. Absolutely no broadheads to be shot at hanging bag targets in the practice range. There are specific, square-block broadhead-safe targets provided for your use, which can be used for broadheads.


As of October 10th, we have moved to indoor shooting. The location for the 2023-2024 winter season once again, is the Heffley Creek Community Hall, 6995 Old Highway 5, Kamloops, BC V2H 0B5.

Club night is on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30pm.

Please watch this space for news and dates. You can also follow the Kamloops Bowbenders Facebook page for updates and news.


Whether you saw it in a movie, tried it at a summer camp, or knew someone that enjoyed archery…here is your opportunity to come and try archery!

On Tuesday evenings, we run beginner sessions for adults, children and families! We have all the equipment and great volunteers that will have you hitting the target in no time.

Firstly, please send an email to archery@ktsa.ca if you’d like to attend. You will then be put in touch with the beginner coordinator who will arrange the date of your beginners session.

Please note: Our beginners sessions are STRICTLY by pre-arrangement only. We cannot accommodate unscheduled drop-ins. If you attend a beginner session without a pre-arrangement in place, unfortunately we will not be able to assist you.

It is likely that there will be a short wait list for a beginner session space, but worry not! An email to archery@ktsa.ca is all you need to do to the ball rolling, or the arrow flying!

From October 10, 2023, beginner sessions are held on Tuesdays, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, indoors at Heffley Creek Community Hall.

For children, there is no minimum age as such, to try archery. We have small bows for young children and will always try to accommodate!

Children brought to a beginner session must always be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian and children may not be left unattended by their parent/guardian for the duration of a beginner session.

As a non-KTSA member beginner, there is a $10 per visit fee. As a non-member, you can attend a maximum of 5 beginner sessions and then you are required to become a club member if you wish to continue using club facilities.

For families of 3 to 5, including at least 1 child, there is a price reduction of $10 per session. For example, 2 adults and 2 children that would normally be $40, will in fact be $30.

You do not need to bring archery equipment to beginners sessions. We have everything that you need. However, feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it. For your safety, we ask that if you have not used your equipment in some time, please take it to an archery shop for inspection and tuning.

After you have completed your beginner sessions, realized you love it and become a club member, you may not have your own equipment initially. You may rent club equipment for $10 per session, but this is by pre-arrangement with the beginner coordinator.

Questions? Please contact archery@ktsa.ca

Visiting Non-Members

As a non-KTSA member who is visiting Kamloops, unfortunately we do not have the ability to grant you access to our archery range for a “drop-in” fee. The range is a locked, member-only, keyed access facility. However, non-members are able to attend to use the range, please see our Range Rules Section 3 for the club rules concerning guests. 

3D Archery

3D archery is shooting at life-like three-dimensional animal shaped targets placed in dynamic settings and at varying distances. The sport began as a way to allow archers to improve their skills as hunters, but in recent years the discipline has attracted a growing number of competitive-minded archers who may or may not be involved in bowhunting. All types of equipment are used in this sport; longbows, barebow, recurve and compound bows. 

The KTSA is very fortunate to be the home range of Marc and Katie Britton. Marc and Katie have both competed, successfully at the Provincial, National and World level of 3D archery in “Instinctive” class (unsighted, recurve bow, unknown distance). They both have such a love and passion for the sport of 3D archery and are always happy to share tips and a story or two, or three!!

The Annual Badlands 3D Shoot

The Kamloops Bowbenders host the best-attended annual 3D shoot in British Columbia! In April 2023, “The Badlands 3D Shoot” saw 263 archers attend our two-day shoot. Unless anyone can tell us differently, behind the annual Oilmans 3D Shoot in AB in June, we believe we are quite possibly the second biggest 3D Shoot in Canada. Anyone?

The Badlands 3D Shoot consists of two 20-Target outdoor 3D courses. We have a selection of the best 3D targets available on the market – Rinehart, Kong 3D & Wildcrete. For those who like to compete, there are medals available across all age categories and disciplines. We are pleased to make an early announcement that our next Badlands Shoot is April 27-28, 2024.

Target Archery

When you think of an archery range you will imagine a series of large target butts with colourful rings on it. Target Archers shoot at targets with circular rings from specific distances both outdoors and indoors. Archers may use longbow, barebow, recurve, and compound bows in target archery.

We are interested in developing competition target archery at the KTSA  and are seeking interested archer volunteers who are experienced and are interested in working towards becoming coaches through the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP), BC Archery Association and Archery Canada. More information to follow as available.

Junior Olympian Program (JOP) – Coming

Although we do not currently run a JOP programme, we are interested in bringing this program to the KTSA. Currently we are looking for more volunteers to help organize and run this program. Volunteers are needed regardless of archery knowledge, positions like administration, instructors, and fundraisers are all needed.

Coach training is available via the British Columbia Archery Association, regardless of experience. The KTSA can facilitate attendance at a coaching clinic for interested members. Once qualified, volunteers will need to obtain a Criminal record check including vulnerable sectors and complete both the Safe Sport training Module and Making Ethical Decisions training module. Both of these can be completed online.

For more information please contact the director of KTSA archery at archery@ktsa.ca.


KTSA and the Kamloops Bowbenders are proudly affiliated with BC Archery Association and Archery Canada.


For further information please call or email the Archery Director.

Marc & Katie Britton
Email: archery@ktsa.ca