The Kamloops Biathlon Club has been operating a biathlon program in Kamloops since 2022.

The sport of Biathlon combines physical activity with target shooting.

In its winter Olympic format, the sport combines free technique cross country skiing with small bore rifles, shooting at targets at a distance of 50 metres.

There are many other forms of physical activity that the sport can be played with, including roller skiing, running, mountain biking, and cross training. In addition, the target shooting aspect of the sport can use the Ecoaims optical biathlon system as an alternative to .22 calibre firearms.

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Biathlon Ranges

.22 Program

We currently have 3 metal biathlon targets that we use at the KTSA Short Range. These biathlon targets have 5 circular targets that are reset by pulling on a rope. The rifles are zeroed for the metal targets by shooting on biathlon-specific paper targets.

Ecoaims Program

We currently have 5 Ecoaims biathlon rifle systems. The Ecoaims are an infrared camera biathlon sytem that does not shoot a projectile and are not considered firearms. The Ecoaims rifles and targets are battery powered and we currently use them to set up a 10 metre Ecoaims biathlon range on McArthur Island, the West Highlands Community Centre, and at the Overlander Ski Club. However, the Ecoaims range can be set up anywhere that there is a 10 metre x 15 metre space including parking lots and fields.

Biathlon Programs

Participants in the Kamloops Biathlon Club’s .22 Biathlon Program and Ecoaims Biathlon Program must be registered participants with Biathlon Canada / Biathlon BC.

Participants in our Introductory Biathlon sessions must register for a Biathlon Canada Tryout Licence for the date of their session.

Registration with Biathlon Canada / Biathlon BC as a participant and for a tryout licence are available on the Biathlon Canada website.

Introduction to .22 Biathlon

As a relatively new program in Kamloops, most people interested in trying biathlon will be beginners. KTSA members 13 and older are welcome to try out the sport through an introductory session on Wednesday evenings. We offer introductory sessions from May 1 to September 30 at the KTSA Short Range from 18:00-20:00 for a cost of $10 per person. At these sessions we will provide the biathlon rifle and ammunition for you to try biathlon shooting. To inquire about booking an introductory session, contact us at

.22 Biathlon Program

Our .22 Biathlon program operates on a May-March season and is for ages 13 and up (as of December 31 that season). Our .22 Biathlon sessions are held on Wednesday evenings at the KTSA Short Range between May 1 and September 30 from 18:30-20:00.

Participants in our .22 Biathlon program must be members of the KTSA. You will need your own .22 biathlon rifle and ammunition. The Kamloops Biathlon Club has a limited number of biathlon rifles that can be rented for use at the Wednesday evening sessions.To inquire about renting a biathlon rifle for a Wednesday evening session, contact us at

Ecoaims Biathlon Program

The Kamloops Biathlon Club offers an Ecoaims Biathlon program in collaboration with the Overlander Ski Club.

As this program is not run at the KTSA, you do not need to be a KTSA member to participate in our Ecoaims Biathlon program.

Our Ecoaims Biathlon program is for ages 10 and up (as of December 31 that season). The program offers weekly training sessions from September 1 to March 31, featuring roller skiing, running, cross training, and on-snow sessions with both skate and classic technique.

In the months of May-August, we will be offering several opportunities in Kamloops to try Ecoaims Biathlon prior to the start of the season in September.

If your organization or sport club is interested in partnering with the Kamloops Biathlon Club to organize an Ecoaims Biathlon session, contact us at

Visiting Non-Members

As a non-KTSA member who is visiting Kamloops, unfortunately we do not have the ability to grant you access to our archery range for a “drop-in” fee. The range is a locked, member-only, keyed access facility. However, non-members are able to attend one-time as a guest in the company of a current KTSA member, in order to use the range. Please see our Range Rules Section 3 for the club rules concerning guests.


The Kamloops Biathlon Club is proudly affiliated with Biathlon Canada and Biathlon BC.


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