Range Info

Range Info and Location

The Ranges are closed when in use by a KTSA sponsored event or KTSA user group. Read the Range Rules and Rental Fees and Policy.

Outdoor Range

(Shooting hours from dawn til dusk)

Our outdoor range facility includes a short range, long range and 10 bays. The Short Range is up to 50 meters for 22 rifle and all caliber handguns. The Long Range is suitable for all rifles and handguns up to 338 Lapua. No Shotguns! The Bays are suitable for any short yardage range style of shooting including IPSC and cowboy. Shotguns are allowed in bays 2, 3 & 4 ONLY with bays 2 & 3 dedicated to shotgun use only.

The Range is locked at all times and members require a key for access. The ranges are reserved at various times for club competitions and matches, and occasionally when rented for firearms training and practice by other groups such as RCMP, Conservation Officers, and private security.

The two ranges are located just west of Kamloops near the weight scales on the Trans Canada Hwy (heading west toward the junction of the Coquihalla Hwy and the Hwy to Cache Creek). SW ¼ of Section 8, Township 20, Range 18, W6M – Kamloops Division Yale District.

Indoor Range

Our indoor range includes a meeting room, foyer for spectators, and 8 shooting positions.  The 20 meter shooting distance allows shooters to hone their skills in a clean heated environment during the winter. The range is used for handguns, 22 rifles and airguns.  It is used by the Archery, Cowboy action shooters, IPSC and Smallbore shooters as well as the Juniors.  Thursday evenings are usually reserved for fun shooting with pistols. Check the range schedule to see which disciplines are using the facilities etc..


The indoor range is located in downtown Kamloops in the building immediately east of the Memorial Arena at 753 Lansdowne Street.

General Safety Policies and Rules

Safety in the use of firearms – on and off our ranges – is the most important aspect of our club and our sport. We strictly enforce all aspects of safety at all times at our ranges and at our events. Please review and feel free to print out our Range Policy and Rules. Please contact our Chief Range Officer (here) with any questions or suggestions regarding safety, or to report any safety etiquette infractions.

Range Safety Officer Training

The Club periodically holds Range Office (RO) training courses for our members. Please email the executive if you are interested in taking the course. You can download an overview of the course below.