Kamloops Bowbenders presents:

“The Badlands+” 3D Archery Shoot
So, you think you can shoot?

When: Saturday, August 17 – Sunday, August 18, 2024

Kamloops Target Sports Association Outdoor Facility 
Hillside Drive, Kamloops

20 Target “Extreme 3D Course and a 20 Target “Regular 3D Course”

$15 per round of 20 targets – Shoot as many rounds as you like!

No Pre-Registration Required

Dry camping available on-site

This bonus 3D shoot is a KTSA-Endorsed fundraiser for three Kamloops Bowbenders heading to Slovenia to represent Team Canada in the World Archery 3D Championships from Sept. 30 – Oct. 6, 2024.



Free dry camping on site – no hook ups available

  • Campsite opens at 5pm on Thursday, April 25th
  • Campsite closes Monday, April 29th, 10am
  • First come first served, unfortunately we are not in a position to save you spot due to the layout of our camping area and volunteer capacity
  • Be prepared to set up camp close to your neighbour so we can fit everyone in
  • Please note: no real campfires allowed, propane fires are fine

Some noteworthy 3D shoot information

~No Crossbows – unfortunately our 3D targets are not made to withstand the FPS of modern crossbows. There’s no exceptions to this one.
~Maximum 5 archers per group – any larger and your group has a potential to cause a queue behind you. With the large number of archers attending the Badlands 3D Shoot, we need to do our best to keep thing flowing! (The number of 5 does not include people who are not shooting)
~Rangefinders – in the past couple of years, rangefinders have exploded in popularity with the introduction of the “Known 50” & “Hunter” classes. 
However, every other bow class is Unknown distance, meaning all other persons shooting compounds and traditional bows have to estimate range as one of their core skills of shooting 3D. 
Although The Badlands 3D shoot is not an “official” shoot, archers shooting in every other Unknown distance class (without rangefinders) put a lot of value on the integrity of themselves and their competitors not being exposed to someone in their shooting group who is informing others of the distance. 
For this reason, anyone who is NOT using a rangefinder, may not shoot in the same group as an archer with a rangefinder. If they do so, the non-rangefinder-using archer is not eligible to enter their score on the leaderboard and compete with other Unknown distance archers in their class. 
Also, rangefinder-using archers will be given a unique coloured scorecard.
In 2024, we will only be offering the Known 50 category for rangefinders.
Questions or concerns? E-mail archery@ktsa.ca
~Categories / Classes – at The Badlands 3D Shoot, Kamloops, we try to follow World Archery 3D Categories as closely as possible. This is in part, due to the Kamloops Bowbenders Archery Directors being competitive in 3D on a National & International level. There are also many archers throughout the interior who attend many 3D shoots and like to compete in the correct categories, to measure their own progress. So, where resources and volunteers permit, we will try to have most (but not all) categories and age brackets available. In 2024, we are only able to offer one known-distance class of Known 50 (also known as “K50”), but not “Hunter” Class.
~Leaderboards – if you want to add your scores to a leaderboard, please enter your own score on the leaderboard for your correct category (located on the wall inside the short range). Particularly if you wish to compete for one of our prestigious $4 medals!! If you’re unsure of your category, ask anyone milling around the scoreboard area or ask at registration.  If you don’t want to add your score to the leaderboard/scoreboard, or even keep a record of your score while you are shooting, that is fine too!
~Non-Shooters – this is a family-friendly event, so non-archers may walk around the course with a group of archers. 
~Dogs – leashed dogs are welcome, but please clean up after them 💩
~Ticks – we seem to have a healthy population of ticks at The Badlands 3D course….some years are better than others. Take precautions and check yourself / your dogs for ticks during and after the weekend!
~Best of the West Championship Tour 2024 – we are proud to partner with Red Trail Archery and be the Grizz Target Qualifier #2 on the Tour. Entering the BotW is completely optional and separate to your Badlands Shoot Registration. But it’s not any additional shooting as you basically shoot the same course, but fill out a separate BotW scorecard. Please CLICK HERE for more information!

Additional 3D shoot information for beginners: 

When we say “all skill levels welcome”, we mean “all skill levels welcome”

The Badlands 3D Shoot is both a tournament (for the more seasoned and competitive archer) and a fun shoot. If you want to come for fun, maybe to try if you have never been to a 3D before, that is okay! You don’t need to keep a tally on your score or add your name to the scoreboard. However, there are a few rules around 3D shoot etiquette that you should know, to help you and those around you, get the most enjoyment out of the experience:

  • Shooting 3D targets outdoors is different to shooting targets indoors. They are different sizes, shapes and different distances. From a small badger to an 8ft tall Sasquatch and everything in-between!
  • There are coloured shooting stakes that correspond with the type of bow you have. This information will be on your scorecard.
  • If you are new to 3D shooting, we encourage you to stand where you feel most comfortable, as close to the target as you need to. Although this means you cannot enter your score on the scoreboard, what does it matter? You’re new and you’re just trying to hit as many targets as possible and have the most amount of fun!
  • You are allowed to shoot ONE arrow per target station. This keeps the groups flowing and moving.
  • All archers on the 3D course move in the same direction on the course, always in numerical order. You cannot walk backwards or shoot targets out of order for the safety of all participants. You can’t pass the group of archers in front of you (unless you talk to the group ahead and make an agreement – this is something that is usually reserved for experienced archers, so as a beginner, you won’t need to worry about this)
  • You usually shoot in a group of friends or new friends you have just met! Everyone in your group shoots their one arrow, then you go and collect and score arrows at the target together
  • Each target station is designed with a safe overshoot, which means there will not be any other archers behind the target at any distance
  • Follow flagging tape on the course to lead you to the next target!
  • One of the skills you will develop in 3D archery is judging distance! 
  • Only rangefinders are allowed in the “Known 50” category. All other categories of archers are classed as “unknown distance”.
  • There is one strict rule around rangefinders – those who use them on the 3D course are not allowed to shoot in the same group as non-rangefinder users OR nobody in the group can submit their scores onto the scoreboards. This is to protect the integrity of the non-rangefinder archers being informed of the distance – this would take away one of the skills of that class of archer and could potentially lead to “cheating”, either intentionally or unintentionally! 
  • If you miss the target, you will soon learn that arrows can fly way further than you realise! They can also bounce and bury themselves where you least expect it. If you miss the target, the procedure to follow is: 1) one member of the group stands in front of the target so the shooting group behind you can see unequivocally that there are people down range 2) all others in the group search for the missing arrow 3) limit searching to no more than 60-90 seconds – this is very important if there is a group behind you waiting to advance to your target 4) if you find the arrow, proceed back to the trail and continue to the next target 5) if you cannot locate the arrow – don’t worry! Very often, other groups on the course search for their arrows too and will find stray arrows belonging to other participants. These arrows will be placed in the lost arrow bucket at the registration table. You can also return to the target to search, once all shooting has been completed for the day
  • Bring more arrows than you think you need and expect some casualties and losses! If they are lost, there is a good chance you’ll get them back. As you become more experienced at shooting 3D’s you will learn more skills and lose/break way less arrows!
  •  3D course targets are usually in sections or “courses” of 10 or 20 targets. At The Badlands 3D Shoot 2024, expect two courses each of 20 targets (“course A” and “course B”)
  • This means you are committed to the full 10 or 20 targets before you are off the course. Bring snacks, drinks (no alcohol) and clothing suitable for the day’s weather forecast!
  • A sample 3D target will be at the registration table so you can see the scoring rings. Someone will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about targets

*shoot pre-registration isn’t a requirement but it is highly recommended & preferred. There’s a few reasons; it will take pressure off our volunteers so we can prepare registration packages ahead of time and we can plan for the number of shooters; it will alleviate the line-ups at registration and get everyone shooting, including our volunteers; it will guarantee you a spot if we reach our cap of 300 pre-registrations! However if we do not reach our cap, We will not turn you away if you arrive at The Badlands 3D shoot with cash & bow in hand.