The KTSA F-Class group is recruiting more shooters. We plan to put on a series of three training sessions for any KTSA member interested.  These sessions will be in the classroom at the Indoor Range, and not at the Outdoor Range. There is no cost to attend and nothing to buy.  Classes will begin on February 17, 2024, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Indoor range address 753 Lansdowne St.

1st Session (Feb 17) Introduction to F-Class

  • Types of classes and description of rifles
  • Discussions of optics and glass types
  • Fit and setup of the rifles.
  • Course of fire and Range Commands
  • What to expect at an F-Class Match.

2nd Session (Feb 24)  Reloading for F-Class

  • Bullets
  • Loads
  • Powder
  • Equipment

3rd Session (Mar 2)     Wind Reading

  • Flags
  • Wind direction and ballistic effect
  • Wind velocity and effect
  • Tips to read wind and Point of Aim.

If interested, contact Stephen Baardsen at avanti@shaw.ca to register for the sessions.


  1. Please sign myself and grandson up for the introduction session. We recently joined ktsa and need as much info as possible

  2. These sessions are intended to introduce the potential shooter to the game of F-Class shooting. It will be classroom instruction only and not require you to have purchased a rifle and equipment first. However, after taking the sessions you will have a far better idea if you want to join us, what equipment to buy and where to buy it.

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