We are proud to announce the return of the CRPS by Eley to Kamloops KTSA for 2020!

The Canadian Rimfire Precision Series had their Canadian Western National Finals at the KTSA in the fall of 2019 and now they are swinging back for a 2020 event!

If you are interested in learning more of the CRPS by Eley event on August 30, 2020 https://rimfireprecision.ca/
If you are fired up to get in then here’s the events page and registration is open for business!https://rimfireprecision.ca/events/

Still curious? Here’s a quick promo from 2018 from a winter shoot (don’t worry ours in August should be warmer). 

and by the way KTSA has had spectacular local club Rimfire PRS events the last couple years if you would like to see what your .22lr rimfire rifle can do!